Community Partners

Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute works with many companies who are committed to supporting the work we do. It is through the charitable support of these Community Partners, that we are able to continue to grow and develop both financially and in our relationships with the community.

As a Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute Community Partner, you will be entering into a two-way, collaborative partnership. We understand the importance of flexibility and honesty, and that each business has different needs and objectives.

Partnerships are an important way to strengthen our links with the local community through joint ventures with like-minded individuals and businesses.

We aim to transparently raise funds and increase our profile in the region and beyond, by developing honest and loyal relationships with other organisations.

Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute is committed to ensuring our relationships are based on ethical concepts and have a strong community focus. Through these partnerships we aim to communicate the importance of a strong community focus and cement ourselves and our partners as dedicated philanthropic entities.

As well as communicating this message, we aim to deliver outstanding results in Cancer research for the community and beyond and hope that we are able to take our community partners on this journey with us.

Community partnerships are based around financial or substantial in-kind commitment to the Institute over a 1 - 5 year period.