The Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute acknowledges the assistance it receives with various research projects.

The Institute wishes to acknowledge the following people:

  • Prof Jan-Inge Henter Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, for providing Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) samples

  • Mr Niall McConchie ENT surgeon, Ballarat, for providing normal tonsil tissue for the purification of normal Langerhans cells

  • Mr Bruce Stewart surgeon, Ballarat, for providing biopsy material

  • Mr Robert Sheen plastic surgeon, Ballarat, for agreeing to participate in the LCH study

  • Dr Ora Bernard, Prof Richard Boyd, Assoc Prof Damian Purcell for acting as members of the FECRI Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Dr Mark Pilbeam and Dr Sharon Wallace,

  • Mr Adrian Warmington Pathology Department, St John of God Hospital, Ballarat, for providing biopsy material and paraffin-embedded samples

  • Prof Ian Cree The Translational Oncology Research Centre, University of Portsmouth, UK for collaborating on the chemosensitivity testing projec

  • Dr Rob Page, Eureka Veterinary Group, Ballarat, Australia, for providing caninine histiocytoma samples

  • Dr Peter Moore, Professor of Pathology, UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, California, USA for providing canine reagents